Monday, April 8, 2019

Florida State University Visit Apopka!

On March 15-18, students from Florida State University completed their service learning trip with FWAF! The students got to go on a toxic tour where they gained a deeper understanding of the history of the black farmworkers of Lake Apopka, how pesticides affected the communities' health, and how it is affecting migrant and seasonal farmworkers now.  The students also went to the community garden to learn why it exists within the community and how members are reclaiming their lands in the name of justice. One student said:

"Despite living in Orlando for almost twelve years, I had never heard about the environmental issues affecting Lake Apopka.  Furthermore, I did not know about the many issues being faced by the hardworking farmworker community.  I am incredibly grateful for my time with the Farmworker Association of Florida, and look forward to joining their fight for a fair and just system!"- Stephanie Roman Caban

FSU at our community garden 

Cultivating alongside community members

Serving at Green Masters nursery 

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