For nearly 5 years, the Lake Apopka Farmworker Memorial Quilt Project has been educating youth, college students, and adults – anyone who will listen – about the tragic history of farmworkers in Central Florida. When this forgotten population began passing away at remarkably young ages, the Quilt Project began in order to preserve the story of Lake Apopka farmworkers. And now, after challenging communities from Central Florida to Central Michigan to see the other side of the “Green Revolution,” 
we are asking for your help.

In order to continue showing off and teaching about the Quilt Project, we are humbly asking for the support of our friends and allies.

We know that your dollars are precious, but we think this is a pretty great cause. Here’s why:
  1. Creating greener practices for a greener planet means being conscious of where our food comes from and how it arrives on our dinner plate. Our goal is to educate anyone we can find about the role of farmworkers in that process.
  2. 100% of your donation will go directly to the Quilt Project. Our overhead fees are minimal because we have the support of incredible volunteers and a great organization – the Farmworker Association of Florida.
  3. We’re small. You and your dollar are all we have.
Donating might be asking a lot, but we’re flexible. We need lots of help in a lot of ways:
  • Donate online
  • Donate in person at an upcoming event
  • Donate by mail**
Thanks for considering our plea. You’ll be hearing from us again very soon. 

**If you would like to send a check, make it out to the Farmworker Association of Florida and put Quilt Project in the memo line. 
Our address is: 
1264 Apopka Blvd
 Apopka, FL 32703.