Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Lake Apopka Farmworkers Featured in New Project of University of Florida Masters Students

The Farmworker Health Initiative is a recently completed project created by three focused and dedicated University of Florida students who are committed to exposing the conditions of farmworkers’ exposure to toxic pesticides. Their video, “The Toxic Effect of Feeding America”, features former Lake Apopka farmworkers Linda Lee and Betty Dubose, as well as FWAF staff and community members and former owners of the Lake Apopka muck farms speaking of their own experiences and from their different perspectives. The students spent months doing research; conducting interviews; documenting their experiences; visiting the FWAF offices, as well as farm lands, nurseries and ferneries; and learning about the realities of chemical exposures experienced by those working in the fields to feed America. The result is a powerful narrative, supported by cited references, statistics, and supporting articles. This is a tremendous tribute to the farmworkers, as well as an incredible resource for anyone wanting to know more about this reality.

Thanks to Ambar, Laura and Darling for taking on and doing such a great job with this excellent and important project. Check it out, listen to the stories, learn more, and share with others. We will never rest in the struggle for Justice for Farmworkers.

Visit their website here.

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