Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 FWAF was at the Global Peace Film Festival in Winter Park, FL on 9/18/2012, for the Peace Pitch and the showing of a 20 minute introductory portion of Sanjay Rawal’s film-in-progress documentary, Food Chain, which was followed by a panel discussion at Rollins College.  The film focuses on U.S. farmworkers and their role, their environmental conditions, their many challenges in bringing the farm crops to our tables.   The short film clip showed a view of the very harsh reality, the almost impossible conditions which these farmworkers have to endure.  After the film, the panel, consisting of Sanjay Rawal, the filmmaker, and Jeannie Economos of FWAF and monitored by Denise Cummings of the Department of Critical Media and Cultural Studies at Rollins, described the pesticide conditions in the fields and the resulting injuries, many chronic, contracted by the workers. The Lake Apopka farmworkers will be featured in the final segments of the film that are still in the editing process.  Geraldine Matthew, Betty Dubose and Linda Lee were all interviewed for the film in order to give context and historical perspective to the role of and conditions for farmworkers, the many of whom in decades and centuries past were African American, in Florida.  We are grateful to Sanjay for his passion and commitment to show the realities of the living and working conditions of farmworkers - to raise awareness and to stimulate the public to action for social justice.  The completed film is expected to be released spring, 2013.  We will keep you posted.

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