Friday, August 3, 2012

Toxic Tour with Students from Gainesville!

It’s time that everyone found out about the history of Apopka. It’s our job to inform as many people as we can about what happened to Lake Apopka, and also to inform them about the bad conditions that the former farmworkers and farmworkers today have to work in. We hope that by telling more people, we could get more supporters to help us fight for justice and make a change in this world!
 On Tuesday, July 31, the Farmworker Association of Florida took a group of high school and college students from Gainesville on a Toxic Tour. The students were taught about the history of Lake Apopka, the former farmlands that surround Lake Apopka, and we had Linda Lee, who talked about what it was like to be a farmworker and how pesticides have affected her life.
The students went back to Gainesville and did a reflection of what they thought and felt by what they had experienced.  Photos of the tour are here.

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