Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Food Chain, Farmworkers, and Congresswoman Lee

There always seems to be more to do in a day than there are hours!

For almost a year, a dedicated group of people have been tirelessly working to bring about farmworker justice.  They are not your normal activists… They are not standing on the picket line, they are not fighting big agro-business in the courtroom, nor are they not organizing rallies.  Instead, they are using the power of the media, and more specifically film, to tell the story of American Farmworkers.

The team of filmmakers, producers, and cinematographers from Illumine Productions have committed themselves to delivering equality and raising awareness on farmworker issues.  Through Food Chain, Director Sanjay Rawal and producer Smirti Keshari have followed the path our food takes—from the fields, to the stores, to our dinner tables—bringing to light the injustices and exploitation that workers endure.

But, to the former Lake Apopka Farmworkers, Food Chain isn’t just another story about farmworkers… it is their story.  Sanjay and Smirti are including the stories of Linda Lee, Geraldean Matthew, and Betty Dubose in their film, giving their viewers the opportunity to hear about the struggles farmworkers face first-hand.  But Sanjay and Smirti’s dedication goes deeper than merely the film.  They have been instrumental in sharing the story of the Lake Apopka Farmworkers and were recently facilitated Congresswoman Barbara Lee to include their story in the Congressional Records.

Last week, Sanjay and Smirti came to Apopka to visit with the Farmworker Association of Florida, Linda, Geraldean, and Betty, and to share the video of Congresswoman Lee.  We would like to thank Congresswoman Lee, Sanjay, Smirti, and the entire Food Chain team, for their continued commitment and dedication to creating a better world for farmworkers! It takes people with true courage and resolution to join the farmworker movement and see it to the end!

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