Wednesday, June 10, 2020

"Labor of Love" Apopka Mural Project Begins the Painting Process!

In Apopka, FL, the Apopka History Mural project has chosen an official name, and that is "Labor of Love." The title was decided by lead artist, Linda Lee, who has spent decades fighting for the rights of farmworkers in central Florida. After many months of planning and deliberation, the Labor of Love mural has finally begun the painting process!

Artists Linda Lee (left) and Sarah Downs (right) planning the mural layout

After much consideration, the Labor of Love mural will be placed on the side wall of the Big Potato Foundation. The placement of the mural was changed multiple times, so this final decision has come after deciding that the wall would be sturdier, and more visible to people passing by the building. 

Sarah's nephew, Justin, helping apply the paint for the Labor of Love mural

Now, there are multiple parts to the mural. While a tree with several sunbeams will be painted directly onto the building's wall, the rest of the mural will be painted on plywood and attached to the wall. This way, the mural can be moved/transported in case there is a need. Currently, Sarah and Justin are working on completing the color for the tree and sunbeams that are painted directly onto the wall, while Linda and another mural artist, Norman, are sketching the outlines for the art on the plywood!

Linda (left) sketching while Justin (right) paints the oranges in the tree.

Norman sketching on the plywood

While the Labor of Love mural project was put on a brief pause due to coronavirus precautions, we are back and working while maintaining healthy practices and social distance! We cannot wait to unveil this beautiful art piece that only came to fruition from the care, dedication, and love of the community. 

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