Sunday, February 24, 2019

Linda Lee and Dale Slongwhite Discuss Fed Up at UCF

Linda Lee, former Lake Apopka farmworker, and Dale Slongwhite, author of Fed Up, were a big hit, February 19th!  They spoke to University of Central Florida students in a class as part of the Women, Race and Struggle course for the Women and Gender Studies Department.  The students read Fed Up, and were thrilled to meet the author and Linda- one of the subjects interviewed in the book, in person!  Linda had the students bending down as if they were harvesting crops, to give them an idea of how hard farm work is.  It was certainly a memorable experience for all.  Some of the students shared their thoughts on the course:

“Dale gave a voice to those farm workers that faced grave injustices, but Linda's visit gave a
face to the injustices. The opportunity to meet a person personally affected rather than read a
‘character’ in a book had a deep intimate impact in me.” – Christy

“It was so inspiring to hear Ms. Dale and Ms. Linda speak on their experiences. It really puts the
farmworking industry into perspective and made me want to try and make a difference in the
lives of current farmworkers.” – Maddie

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to read Fed Up and learn about the injustices that
women farmworkers in Apopka have faced and continue to face. This book and the women
who were a part of it have sparked a desire in me to make a change and to get involved. I
refuse to be blind to the issues facing our community any longer.” – Alexis

“Hearing Linda tell her story shook my soul. Never again will I look to the fields of crops outside
my car window and forget there are people out there, people suffering.” – Melissa

“Linda Lee's stories left me speechless with empathy and near tears; she breathes life into the
words of Dale's book Fed Up and gave us a whole new chapter to learn from.” – Sam

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