Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Jobs with Justice Presents Linda Lee with the Treston Davis-Faulkner Legacy Award

Central Florida Jobs with Justice hosted their Sound and Color of Power Art Show and Awards Dinner honoring Linda Lee with the Treston Davis-Faulkner Legacy award this past week, on December 11th at Harry P. Leu Gardens. Her granddaughter Cheyanne Lee wrote a short piece of the event:

"Many of you may know Linda Lee as a member of the Farmworker Association of Florida (FWAF), or the woman that made a one of a kind speaking quilt but I know her as my grandmother. The one who’s practically raised me from birth. Through thousands of diaper changes and long days of preparations of food, not a thought about giving up has crossed her mind. Despite the loads, she’s put on my back to make sure I stayed busy and active (my pain in the neck), know it’s only for my good. Now as you may know her, she ferociously fought through injustices in 

Apopka, FL as a farmworker through much of her young adulthood and is now on a mission to uplift individuals on the inequity that went on during the farm working days while acknowledging the people that fought the battle alongside her. Through her aches and pains that she pays no mind to, she continues the battles that our loved ones once fought but can no longer. Nevertheless, she still instills her tender love, patience, and kindness into ones known and unknown; being a mother to the motherless and a friend to the friendless. Linda Lee is a person to call in any time of need." 

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