Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Cucumber Harvesters on Lake Apopka Farm Lands Unexpected Part of Northland Church Toxic Tour

On Saturday, May 12th a Toxic Tour was held from 10am-2pm with 12 members of 1-2-1 Hope of Northland Church in Orlando and one member of St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church in Winter Park, FL. 

The Northland Church participants expressed interest in and work on issues of human trafficking . Several had already been on the toxic tour, but thought it was very important and powerful that others should experience this tour.  Several in the group were Florida natives and were shocked that issues of human trafficking, environmental racism, agricultural injustices and more were happening in their own backyards and they had no idea about it. While on the tour, the group had the chance to see farmworkers in the fields harvesting cucumbers that are then shipped to other companies to make pickles. 

While they were interested in hearing about cases of human trafficking of farmworkers, they were also very interested and disturbed to learn about the pesticides and the health issues impacting the Lake Apopka farmworkers. Which are issues that although some people like to view as past history with Lake Apopka's  farming lands, they are very much still affecting previous Lake Apopka Farmworkers and their families to this day. Although Linda Lee was not available to join the tour on this day, the group drive by her house and pointed out the blue tarp covering her home was donated by their Northland church community. Something that really grabbed the attention of the group was the people who seemed to be living in deep poverty on Mcqeen Rd. The people living in this neighborhood are sandwiched between two landfills, a medical waste incinerator, municipal waste water facility and a nursery where pesticides are sprayed. 

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