Monday, October 30, 2017

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Lake Apopka in the Arts

Following the opening of the "The Lake: A Documentary Exploring the Land and People of Lake Apopka" the art exhibit at Crealde school of art, Orlando Weekly published an article about the exhibit. Featured in this particular article are the names of respected community members and former Lake Apopka Farmworkers, Linda Lee and Geovany Lopez. These two people are amongst the few portraits featured in the exhibit, "Portraits are rare, though, in this exhibit, which focuses instead on the natural and manmade landscape" says author Richard Reep.

Despite few portraits being featured, the paintings and pictures of the historical aspects of the community of Lake Apopka help tie together the memory of what the Lake once was and the devastation that it's been through. The exhibit expresses through art, the suffering but also the hope that dedicated community members still have for keeping the memory of their loved ones and  Lake Apopka alive.

Peter Schreyer speaking about Tom Sadler's  "Pump House Nocturne", which is also
mentioned in in Orlando Weekly's article. 
Banner promoting the exhibit located at Hannibal Square Heritage Center
Pictures by M.C 

        One of the Lake Apopka memorial quilts had the chance to attend VegFest Orlando!

The quilt brought in many interested festival attendees, they were amazed at the sad but also moving stories that the Lake Apopka quilt represents. One of the attendees mentioned how he worked alongside Geraldine Moore, who was a loved activist in the Apopka community . Geraldine's memory is featured on the blue memorial quilt as section #8 thanks to her sister Linda Lee.  

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