Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Quilts Grace the Halls of Orlando City Hall in Special Exhibit on the
Area’s Agricultural History

We are so very honored to have had our Lake Apopka Farmworker Memorial Quilts be such an important part of the recent exhibition at the Orlando City Hall Terrace Gallery. The exhibit’s title, In the Eyes of the Hungry, was taken from John Steinbeck’s novel The Grapes of Wrath which depicts the struggle facing farmworkers in the ever changing agricultural and economic landscape. The quilts are a tribute to the lives of farmworkers lost, and whose health was compromised due to the terrible and dangerous conditions while harvesting crops.

The exhibition featured pieces that reflect Florida’s Agricultural History. Quotes from The Grapes of Wrath graced some pieces in the show which connected the hardship and continuous adjustments taken by farmworkers from both past and present.  As Benjamin Gallagher from Artborne magazine described, “The show allows the viewer a glimpse into these plights and a chance to understand a history that might not otherwise be told.”

The quilts continue to keep the legacy of the former Lake Apopka farmworkers alive and help to tell the story of the people who fed America for generations. 

You can read the article about the exhibit here: 

Some photos of the exhibit:  

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