Wednesday, October 21, 2015

YAYA Takes a Toxic Tour

"We not only fight for current farm workers dignity, but need we not forget the ones who came before."-YAYA

The Youth and Young Adult Network of the National Farmworker Ministry (YAYA) joined  former Lake Apopka farmworker and quilt maker, Linda Lee, on a sunny Sunday afternoon for a "Toxic Tour."

Linda helped  these students learn about Lake Apopka, farmworkers, social justice, and environmental justice. The group saw former farmlands, observed workers in the field, and heard stories from the wonderful Linda Lee. They poignantly reflected that the fight for farmworkers today is inextricably linked to the injustices and systemic issues of the past. Predominately African-American before the migration of Latino immigrants and seasonal workers, farmworkers' history is rooted in the legacy of slavery. Reflecting on that past helps us understand the attitudes around farmwork, and the structures that oppress. Understanding this helps us to move forward in la lucha, the fight for farmworkers' justice.
YAYA is a national network of young people actively working to change the oppressive social, political and economic conditions of farm workers. YAYA has been a wonderful partner and ally in fighting for farmworker justice. We appreciate their time and reflections on their experience. 

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