Friday, July 10, 2015

Exciting news!  Fed Up: The High Cost of Cheap Food has been written up in two journal book reviews.  Congratulations to author Dale Slongwhite and the Lake Apopka farmworkers, whose lives and work the book captures  

You can check out the information here:
  • The journal Environmental History recently published a book review of Fed Up: The High Cost of Cheap Food, written by Stephen Nepa in which he refers to the work as both "illuminating" and "heart-wrenching." 
  • Additionally, Duke University's journal Labor also recently featured a review of Fed Up: The High Cost of Cheap Food written by a food historian who enjoyed sharing the work with other scholars. 

Dale reads excerpts of Fed Up to 
students at Seminole State College.  

Dale's work documenting the histories of local farmworkers continues to reach a wider and wider  audience. She is also hoping to work with professors to use her book as a teaching tool within their classrooms. Share this with others and help raise the voices and the stories of the Lake Apopka farmworker community.  

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