Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lake Apopka Scientist Speaks on Alligator Studies at Pesticide Forum in Orlando

Dr. Lou Gillette pioneered research into endocrine-disrupting pesticides with his study on Lake Apopka alligators' reproductive systems, and his keynote address goes into detail about what his findings were, what they mean for the alligators and possible consequences for the Lake Apopka farmworkers who were also exposed for years to persistent pesticides.

Thanks to longtime Progressive News Network Radio host and Farmworker Association of Florida supporter Rick Spisak, who recorded each day's keynote speaker and has shared them on his websiteEvaggelos Vallianatos gave a passionate keynote addressing the basics of why pesticides are harmful to our health and environment, as well as exploring the reasons that regulatory agencies and other actors seem powerless to stop the industry from using them. 

Dr. Tyrone Hayes closed the Forum with a powerful keynote presentation exploring his research into pesticides and frogs and exploring the tremendous push back and persecution he suffered because of it. These outstanding speakers, researchers and heroes in the work to protect health, wildlife and the environment were truly inspirational and motivational!  They imparted to everyone the incredible importance of pursuing research and banning the use of these toxic chemicals, and now you can hear them too by checking out these links! 

Linda Lee and Geraldean Matthew stand with the Blue Quilt. 

And, the Lake Apopka Farmworker Memorial Quilt Exhibit at the Orange County Regional History Center completed its multi-month exhibition in Orlando last week.  The Quilts were seen by hundreds of visitors to the museum - a source of great pride for the community!

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