Tuesday, July 29, 2014

TOXIC TOUR for Enivronmental Ambassadors from Gainesville, Florida

The Environmental Ambassadors, a youth group from the Summer Program for Youths sponsored by the Cultural Arts Coalition of Gainesville, FL toured Lake Apopka with Jeannie Economos and Linda Lee, a former farmworker from Lake Apopka farms in July, 2014.

Linda Lee spoke to them about her experiences growing up and working around Lake Apoka as a farmworker in a farmworker family.

It has been 14 years since the farms were bought out and Lake Apopka was supposed to have been returned to a healthy state but this is what this group encountered last week.  

Jeannie Economos from the Farmworker Association of Florida and leader of this tour states she has never seen the lake looking so bad with scum, algae and bubbling spouts of ?   There is a posted sign from St. Johns Water Management advising of a pesticide application of 2, 4-D + Glyphosate (for more information on the toxicity and dangers of this pesticide/weedkiller combination, CLICK HERE).

 A sad looking young alligator was spotted in the lake looking as though he wanted to be rescued!

   The condition of the lake emphasized the serious problems caused by the lake's sad history.

The Environmental Ambassadors enjoyed their informative tour and meeting with Linda Lee.

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