Thursday, June 26, 2014

"Lessons learned from Lake Apopka" at Central Florida Health Careers Camp

FWAF presented "Lessons Learned from Lake Apopka" as part of the Central Florida Health Careers Camp 4 day program for H.S. students from the Central Florida region as part of the Central FL AHEC (Area Health Education Center) summer camp program.

Lessons Learned from Lake Apopka: The Importance of Sustainable Agriculture for Healthy Living -- A comprehensive educational curriculum for middle and high school classes

The students attending the 4 day Central Florida Health Careers Camp program were very attentive to the presentation given by Jeannie Economos and Sarah Downs. Following the curriculum the students learned about:

I. Building knowledge about the adverse impacts of pesticides on farmworking communities
II. Discussing  the working conditions of modern day farmworkers

III. Making informed choices in students’ own food consumption

IV. Activities and Resources for further learning

A Case Study of Lake Apopka, the video Out of the Muck, and presentations on pesticides, sustainable living, and problems facing farmworkers were used to introduce the idea of where food comes from, how it gets to us and how it affects the lives of farmworkers and their communities. 

Students were encouraged to ask questions, use critical thinking, and present their own opinions in their study groups and in front of the class. They were given suggested activities for after the class for further study and self enrichment.

"Lessons Learned from Lake Apopka" was developed as part of two grants awarded to FWAF. 

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