Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"FED UP: THE HIGH COSTS OF CHEAP FOOD" is released for purchase TODAY, May 6, 2014

Fed Up: The High Costs of Cheap Food  by Dale Slongwhite and published by the University Press of Florida is available for purchase as of today, 

May 6, 2014.


Listen to the interviews in the book of the farmworkers via this link,

Barry Estabrook, author of Tomatoland praises this book: 

 "Poignant, gut-wrenching, and real, this book should be required reading for everyone who eats."

In this book, author Dale Slongwhite asks the question: "But what about the people, the farmworkers who suffered along with Lake Apopka  as decades of pesticides were showered on them and mixed with the soil where they harvested the vegetables and fruits?"  
"What about the farmworkers?!"
Millions of dollar paid to farmers and more millions spent on the continuing recovery program for Lake Apopka, but what about the farmworkers?


Order this book, read the book, request a copy from your library, donate a copy to your public library!  

Advance reviews are very positive! 

It is listed on Amazon, use, selecting Farmworker Association of Florida as your charity and FWAF will receive a donation from Amazon.

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