Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Quilts on display at Tallahassee State Senate building lobby March 31, 2014

The Apopka office of the Farmworker Association of Florida left very early on Monday, 3/31/14 to visit Tallahassee congresspersons at work in their offices at the capitol about immigrant and immigration issues. Groups from the Pierson FWAF and Homestead FWAF offices also traveled the distance for this day of congress visits.  

3 former farmworkers from Lake Apopka, Linda Lee, Betty DeBose, and Mary Ann Robinson, rode with the Apopka FWAF staff and were the spokespersons for the quilts in the lobby of the Senate.

Other groups from Farmworker Self-Help, North Florida Development Corp., Centro Campesions, FLIC, and YAD (Young American Dreamers) joined FWAF and Karen Woodall in preparing an out of doors lunch on the patio of the capitol buildings.  Dancers and speeches were presented during the lunch.

It was a long day for all but our presence was noted by many in the Tallahassee Capitol!

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