Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quilts and Community Honored in Blog by Environmental Protection Agency

Friday, January 31, 2014

A new blog by the Environmental Protection
Agency Environmental Justice site gives
tribute and honor to the  former Lake Apopka
farmworkers and the Lake Apopka Farmworker
Memorial Quilt Project. 

This means a great deal to the community, 
as it validates their life experiences, their work, 
their contributions, and the beautiful quilts
that the community made to raise awareness
about their issues.

With this blog, the story of the Lake Apopka
farmworkers is being shared far and wide
across the United States with other
environmental justice communities
and individuals interested in farmworkers
and EJ issues can now learn about what
happened at Lake Apopka and about the
importance of protecting farmworkers from
pesticide exposure.

This is such an important opportunity
to let others know about the consequences
of chronic pesticide exposure and about
empowering a community to create folk art
to tell their storiesto others. 

Check out the beautiful blog created by EPA, 
and take a minute to add your comments
and to thank the EPA.

We thank the EPA for this honor and this
opportunity, and we hope that you will share
this link with others, so that the story reaches
all parts of the U.S.

We, also, want to thank the Brethern Volunteers
for braving an unseasonably cold and wet Florida
winter to participate in a Lake Apopka Toxic
Tour on January 29th. 

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