Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Public Interest Environmental Conference University of Florida Law School Feb, 2014

The Farmworker Association of Florida was invited to bring the Lake Apopka Quilts and FWAF information to the 2014 Public Interest Environmental Conference held at the University of Florida's Law School in February, 2014.   

The quilts were displayed in the morning during the registration, at the first panel discussion and at the banquet on Friday night.


 This year’s conference explored a variety of legal and environmental issues surrounding  challenges including: providing incentives for sustainable agricultural production, valuing the environmental services sustainable agricultural production provides, technological frontiers in agriculture, and the tension between food safety and environmental protection.

The environmental concerns presented at the conference were the fact that we, as a planet, are rapidly losing arable soils, and that soil erosion reduces the productivity of agricultural and forest ecosystems.  


Increased industrial and municipality demands on water sources will necessitate the development of increased water-use efficiencies concurrently with increased agricultural productivity.  

 The conference brought together diverse perspectives, foster healthy discussions, and pool our collective human and intellectual capital to find timely, beneficial solutions to these issues.
 Thanks to Joan Flocks of the UF Law School and long-time ally of the Association for inviting FWAF to display the quilts at this year's conference.

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