Monday, July 8, 2013

Samuel Proctor Oral History Project

The University of Florida’s Samuel Proctor Oral History Project comes to Apopka!

 This week and next we are welcoming students from the University  of Florida who will be doing interviews with Apopka community members as part of the Samuel Proctor Oral History Project. 

The students will examine individual and community memory and experience, and the historical context in which a community project, the Memorial Quilts, was developed by and involving former farmworkers here in Apopka, Florida.

The primary mission of the Samuel Proctor Oral History Project is to gather, preserve, and promote living histories of individuals from all walks of life.

They believe that oral history is an indispensable method of studying the past.

The passionate and poignant stories found in many oral history interviews serve as a great tool to excite and encourage people of all ages to study the past.

SPOHP engages in active research projects designed to broaden the scope and scale of our historical knowledgeand strives to make existing as well as emerging collections accessible to as wide an audience as possible through written transcripts, digital archives, podcasts, radio broadcasts, public programs, and other venues.

The Samuel Proctor Oral History Project teaches the craft and intellectual traditions of oral history through university seminars as well as through community-based workshops, and via our web site and other media.

Learn more about this important repository of Florida history:

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