Thursday, May 24, 2012

"After the Last Harvest" Comes to a Close at City Hall

With much fan-fare and admiration, After the Last Harvest: The Lake Apopka Farmworker Memorial Quilt Project exhibition has come to a close at Orlando City Hall.  After reaching a countless number of people over its two-month stay, it is time for the Lake Apopka Farmworker Memorial Quilts and the Last Harvest photo-documentary collection to move on. 

The exhibit, celebrating current and former farmworkers from the Central Florida area, was designed to raise awareness about the injustices within our food system.  By presenting visitors with a truthful before and after picture of farmwork on Lake Apopka, the Farmworker Association of Florida and the Apopka Community strive to ensure that farmworker justice is achieved, and similar situations do not occur in the future.

This exhibit is dedicated to the men and women who lost their lives as a result of dedication to feeding the United States.  Without their commitment, we all would not have food on our dinner tables each night.  Farmworkers must be remember and honored, but most of all, recognized for their importance. 

We would like to thank Crealde School of Art and St. Margaret Mary Church for their commitment to farmworkers, and in organizing this event.  With their assistance, we are able to educate a wider audience and bring more people into the struggle for equality.

If you missed the exhibit at Orlando City Hall, fear not!  After the Last Harvest: The Lake Apopka Farmworker Memorial Quilt Project will be making its next entrance in the Orange County Public Library System in Downtown Orlando in July.  Stay tuned for more information!

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