Thursday, March 22, 2012

Toxic Tours! with Rollins College and FAMU School of Law

Last week was a busy one! In the midst of the hectic schedule of our everyday lives, we were able to hold two toxic tours with groups from an Environmental Economics Course Rollins College and Florida A&M University School of Law Environmental Law Club.  As both groups already had an interest and knowledge in regards to environmental issues, we were able to go into greater detail of the environmental racism affecting the Apopka Community, as well as have deeper discussions of what can be down now.

We were honored to have Ms. Linda Lee and Ms. Betty Dubose speak with these students about the realities of being a farmworker, the story of working on Lake Apopka, and how pesticides and the their time in the fields has affected their lives to this day.
Through toxic tours and the interest and enthusiasm of students like these, we will are all working to ensure that farmworkers are never forgotten, and that they will live on with the dignity, respect, and honor that they deserve!

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