Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Barry Estabrook speaks about Lake Apopka at TEDxFruitvale!

On October 14, 2011, Barry Estabrook, author of the critically acclaimed book Tomatoland, spoke at the TEDxFruitvale Conference held at Mills College in Oakland, California.  Mr. Estabrook discussed the history of Lake Apopka, from its beginnings as a bass fishing haven to the eventual purchase of the surrounding farm land by the State of Florida.  Additionally, Mr. Estabrook spoke about the greater implications that plagued the area, such as years of pesticide usage and the long-term health consequences faced by former farmworkers, their families, and their children.  Mr. Estabrook follows the money trail to determine who profited off of the labours of Lake Apopka farmworkers, and who was left dry.
Thank you Mr. Barry Estabrook and TEDxFruitvale for bringing awareness to the social, health, and environmental injustices associated with the Lake Apopka and its former farmworkers.

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