Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Spending Labor Day with Christ Church Unity

Instead of spending their day at the beach or pool, members of the Christ Church Unity embraced the ideals of Labor Day by spending quality time with the Lake Apopka Farmworker Memorial Quilt. For years, the workers on Lake Apopka had been instrumental in ensuring that food was on our tables every night; however, their diligent, dangerous, and unwavering labor to support themselves and their families took great tolls on their own lives.  The Congregation was able to obtain a deeper understanding of the terrible working conditions and residual physical, mental and emotional effects that plague the entire community. 

To finish up the day, members of the Church were able to put their new knowledge to good use, working together to create a quilt square to commemorate the labor done on Lake Apopka.   Small group collaboration in the joint creation of gratitude quilt squares has become an integral part of the reflection process for viewers of the Quilt and for those participating in Lake Apopka Toxic Tours.  The thoughts and feelings that this creative process evokes deepen the collective understanding and learning experience of participants.  The activity has proven to be a growth experience for all involved.

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