Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quilt Project Inspires NEW Quilt Project

12 Middle School Students
1 Summer Camp
2 Quilts
A Bundle of Creativity

When most adults picture a room full of middle school students, their first instinct is not to equip them with paint, fabric, and freedom. But one AmeriCorps Volunteer at the Hope Community Center in Apopka, FL had that in mind when she began organizing a multi-week camp for 12-15 year old students.

The Quilt Project was asked to teach the group of eager students about Lake Apopka, farmworkers, and pesticide exposure as they began to dream up their own creative quilt project that symbolized their entire group.

Sarah Downs and Jenn Hollern led the group through a farmworker dress-up activity and showed the students a few media pieces to get the creative juices flowing, but these students did not need much assistance. Before long, they were creating painted quilt squares. 

The project will continue to develop as the summer camp attempts to transform into a full-time youth group at the Hope Community Center.

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