Monday, February 28, 2011

The Quilts Infiltrate K-12!

We have been to festivals.
We have attended conferences and summits. 
We have visited colleges and universities.
But never before have the Quilts been inside of a K-12 school.
Until now!

We had the privilege of being part of PACE Brantley School's Black History Month celebration, educating students ages 5-18 about the history of Lake Apopka, the lives of farmworkers, and reality of environmental racism and pesticide exposure that exists in their backyard. 

Students were enthralled by the stories of Linda Lee, primary quilt maker and 4th generation farmworker, and enjoyed playing the role of "Mr. Robinson," the farmworker portrayed in a read-aloud story that requested one student to dress as a farmworker. 

Everyone then enjoyed the opportunity to pay gratitude to farmworkers, past and present, through a Gratitude Square that will later be sewn into the back of Red Quilt and Blue Quilt. The Quilting team is well on its way to a fully developed educational curriculum geared towards illuminating classroom discussions about food systems, social justice, environmental awareness, and so much more!

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