Monday, September 20, 2010

Indiantown Quilt Unveiling Energizes Community

On Saturday, September 18, FWAF staff and volunteers made the trek from Apopka to Indiantown in South Florida to unveil the quilts (blue quilt and red quilt) to the community of former farmworkers there. Led by Linda Lee and Sarah Downs, two of the driving forces behind the creation of the beautiful quilts, the community was able to see for the first time the results of months worth of dedicated and creative work. Over 40 community members attended the activity, held at the Indiantown Civic Center, and were treated to a potluck lunch, including homemade potato salad and rice and bean casseroles, in the afternoon.

In addition, new Americorps volunteer, Jenn Hollern, assembled photos and video footage into an impressive multi-media presentation about the steps along the way to the creation of the quilt. The community was engrossed in watching the presentation, which was projected on to the wall accompanied by music.

Linda Lee's granddaughters entertained the community with their impressive step dancing and the participation of the young girls inspired those in attendance to recognize the importance of their stories for the future generation.

Thanks, also, to our great volunteers, Rachel Harris and Anna Lee Kerlin. The quilts are truly collaborative efforts that solidify unity and promote justice for farmworkers.

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