Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Latest Visit to Indiantown

On March 13, we took a trip to Indiantown. Jim Berry flew down here all the way from Michigan to collect footage and music for the oral history documentary that will accompany the quilt. He stayed over night and was able to record some wonderful footage. He later returned to record some music for the documentary.

Turnout at the event was great. Christine did a great job of gathering folks, and her mother cooked us some delicious food that included sweet potato pie (which Sarah took a particular liking to), rice, beans, curry chicken, BBQ chicken, and deviled eggs.

Anaydia brought down her laptop and printer, and toiled very hard to transfer photographs of the farmworkers' loved ones to cloth. The meticulous process involves binding cloth to freezer paper with an iron, feeding everything through a printer, and cutting everything into the proper shape and size.

Anaydia's aunt was also graceful enough to let Jim stay overnight at her house. Thanks to her Jim was able to shoot some wonderful footage of a cemetery and of some crop dusters.

Linda Lee, as always, did an impressive amount of work. She helped many of her fellow former farmworkers sew their squares, explained to process to others, and did so many other things we don't even have room to list here.

Also, this time Jeannie joined us! She made sure everything ran smoothly and educated all of us on the issues surrounding Lake Apopka and the farmworkers. She also helped us spot a few rare birds along the way.

Sarah worked closelty with every single person that showed up, and walked everyone through the square making process, helped the farmworkers develop concepts for their squares, and helped cut and sew squares.

Below are a few pictures of the event. More to come soon. The pictures below include the "shopping area" where people pick what cloth they would like to use, some of the squares being made, and me taking a break from pictures to help someone with their square. Sarah later gave me some constructive criticism (read laughed at me) on how to use pins.

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