Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Linda's Quilt Squares and Johnny Mae Visit

This is Linda Lee

Linda Lee used to work in the Lake Apopka muck farms. Today, she is active in church, active in the community, cooks for countless people during the holidays, works with a girl scout troop, helps take care of her grandchildren, babysits a two year old, is a speaker for several FWAF projects, does community outreach for the Lake Apopka Quilt Project, walks participants through the square making process, and just for the fun of it laughed in the face of her arthritis by sewing over 20 quilt squares by hand.

We once dropped by her house at 5 am to pick her up, expecting her to be at least a little tired, only to find her up and cooking (since 3:30 am).

On March 4th, me, Sarah and Linda Lee went to Johnny Mae's house to get pictures of the members of her family that she would like to memorialize. The slideshow below shows pictures of  the many amazing quilt squares Linda Lee has produced, of our trip to the dollar store to find a stethoscope for one of Johnny Mae's squares, of Johnny Mae and her granddaughter, and of our pit stop at the Pizza Hut where Linda taught me a few hand gestures.

Johnny Mae is one of the nicest, kindest human beings I have ever met. This video is just a small glimpse of her personality.

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