Friday, December 18, 2009

Welcome to Our Blog

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Lake Apopka Memorial Quilt Project Blog. Through this blog we hope to keep the world, as well as those participating in this project, updated in our progress.

The Lake Apopka Memorial Quilt Project is Jeannie Economos' baby, and is aimed at preserving the important memories and stories of the farmworkers who worked in the Lake Apopka muck farms (for more information on Lake Apopka click here).

Farmworker Association of Florida staff and volunteer involved with this project include Jeannie Economos, Sarah Downs, Anayda Fuentes, Pedro Lopes, Sam Chillaron, and Jim Berry.

There are tons of farmworkers involved with this project, but two community leaders driving this project are Linda Lee and Grace.

We thank you for your interest in this project, and we hope you will spread the word.

Please take note of our links to Facebook and Twitter, as well as our paypal button.

Thank you!

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